Potential clients often question the value proposition of independent project management.

I recently met with the CFO of a financial services firm in downtown Boston …

He asked me why he shouldn’t contract with one of the large international Real Estate firms to provide the array of services he needs to support his company relocation. I happened to notice the high-end Omega wrist watch he was wearing and asked if he bought it at Walmart? He responded with a puzzled look and said no, he had purchased it at a specialty watch store in the Back Bay. I asked why not Walmart, they have everything you need under one roof – with a smile he responded “quality and expertise”.

As an independent project and move management service provider, Fort Point PM is uninfluenced by competing agendas and is solely focused on advocating on our client’s behalf. While the large Real Estate firms provide high quality site selection and lease negotiation services, they also provide devalued project and move management services at little or no cost. Recognizing that best-in-class resources don’t work for free, are these firms truly inclined to seek out and employ the best and brightest to implement these critical initiatives? I don’t know the answer to this, but as one of our favorite biotech clients would say “you may be able to do it all, but that doesn’t mean you do it all well”.