Providing positive social and environmental return in the Real Estate industry.

Over the past year, we have been fortunate to partner with Brown University on several projects. We recently managed the consolidation and relocation of 450 University employees from 21 departments and 11 locations to the newly renovated South Street Landing in Providence’s Jewelry District.

As with many relocations, this presented Brown with the opportunity to clean out unneeded office supplies and materials in their existing locations. Books, desk organizers, paper goods, writing utensils, digital accessories, desk equipment and many other supplies and materials in excess would not be needed in the new location. By collaborating with Brown’s Sustainability Department, and leveraging our prior “Back to School” donation experience, we created a framework to donate excess supplies and materials. Thus far, Brown has donated over 2,500 pounds of supplies to Providence city schools and local non-profits. These donations have diverted excess waste from rapidly overflowing landfills and has lengthened the life and use of materials in good, or like new, condition. We at Fort Point PM are always exploring new ways to work with our clients to give back to our communities and promote environmental responsibility throughout our industry. If your company is evaluating a major real estate relocation or restack project and want to integrate similar environmentally conscious solutions – we’re here to help!

– C. Kern