4 Reasons You Need a Relocation Project Manager

Contrary to popular belief, there’s more to company relocations than just simply moving people and assets from point A to point B.

Tackling a commercial move can be both intimidating and rewarding, provided that you take the appropriate measures to avoid a potential logistical nightmare. Whether your transition is a result of firm growth, a consolidation or downsizing, both small and large companies alike benefit from the value add that project managers bring to a company’s relocation, in at least four ways:

1) Advocate as your single point of contact. Whether working directly with a CEO or assigned department heads and team leaders, your dedicated project manager can be your liaison, shouldering the responsibilities and pressures of meeting multiple stakeholder needs during your relocation. Why spend your days coordinating furniture, equipment, and various other vendors to ensure the project stays on budget and on schedule, when you can have an expert manage that process and provide you with frequent reports or 1-on-1 status meetings to keep you informed of the project’s progress. Are you being challenged on the decision making in regard to staff’s proposed workstations, department layouts or amenities at the new office? Take advantage of your project manager’s ability to successfully communicate the intent and benefits of the move while overcoming the push back that often comes with any form of change. You’ll no longer have to develop tools and presentations that alleviate staff concerns, nor will you have to field calls and coordinate multiple vendors, and can instead focus on your core business while leaving the change management to the experts.

2) Maximize your space. While moving into a new office space can be exciting, optimizing the utilization of that space is most rewarding. Whether through programming and configuring your space to maximize each rentable square foot, creating workspace standards, or a flexible design to accommodate future growth, your dedicated project manager can help you achieve your desired outcome. The nature of their job keeps them at the forefront of industry trends, allowing you to take the guessing or “just wing it” approach out of creating the floor plan and layout that works best for you. Your dedicated project manager can even host townhall-style meetings with upper management or the greater population of staff, communicating the benefits of the proposed design and the rationale for the new approach citing examples from past projects.

3) Avoid disruption to your business. Selecting new or relocating existing furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) or moving audio/visual (A/V), IT, or file storage assets presents different challenges and assign varying degrees of risk to your move. Trying to manage multiple vendors on a time-critical project can quickly result in unnecessary stress and business impact. Keep your sanity, allow the experienced relocation project management professionals to manage vendor selection, coordination, and procurement of your required services to keep your project on schedule and on budget. Leveraging proven reporting tools, you’ll stay in the know while having the comfort and peace of mind of knowing your project will progress as planned – allowing you to focus your time and energy on other elements of your day job.

4) Return on investment. The prospect of saving time and money is often at the forefront of a project, but planning a move can be a full-time job. Do you have the flexibility in your daily job responsibilities to add and own planning and executing a successful relocation? Even if you have the time, can you afford the unnecessary risks that come with your company’s transition? By engaging with a relocation project manager, risks are mitigated through diligent planning and programming by experts who have managed similar projects. Do you have the time to solicit and interview key vendors (furniture, lighting, acoustics, equipment, etc.) and ensure you’re being offered competitive market rates for services? Are you aware of the tax deductions that are available to you by properly decommissioning your space in an environmentally friendly manner? Whether directly providing return on your investment by delivering your move project on or ahead of schedule, or by ensuring there is no operational downtime through tactful planning, you’ll have the piece of mind and luxury of knowing the project will go as planned, while saving you money and making you look good along the way.

Don’t leave your project to risk, contact me to learn how Fort Point Project Management can streamline/optimize your next relocation.

– Chris Pestana (cpestana@fortpointpm.com)