Supporting Ginkgo Bioworks’ Response to COVID-19


As Fort Point PM grows its relationship with Ginkgo Bioworks, we continue to act on our strong project management principles and company values. The foundation of these practices builds upon our unique and complete client-focused approach. Fort Point PM prides itself on being a dedicated “boots on the ground” firm that quickly adapts to our client’s evolving needs. At Ginkgo, we initiated our workplace planning approach with the implementation of the IWMS software; iOffice, where we have team members surveying the total 105,000 SF lab and office space. By assessing existing conditions, we confirm that plans are accurate before entering them into their iOffice space module.

Perhaps no better example of our adaptable approach came earlier in 2020 when we all faced the reality of the global pandemic. Fort Point PM was asked to expand our scope of services to include project management support for a groundbreaking effort to provide a rapid response COVID-19 testing platform. This current effort requires disciplined but flexible project management techniques practiced by our experienced project managers in the life science sector to assist Ginkgo through this fast-paced and complex initiative. In addition, Fort Point PM also worked with the Ginkgo Facilities team to establish a Return to Work landscape, which included assessing and creating proper COVID-19 informational signage, and space layout guidelines for socially distanced seating.

We continue to respond to evolving day to day project management and workplace planning challenges to support Ginkgo’s critical Covid-19 response efforts.